Discharge Planning

An interactive board created for hospital staff to keep records of their patients, and their discharge status.


The Discharge Planning Board has an extensive list of features, and is being updated often.

  • Edit + View Modes

  • Text + Yes/No Input (Depends on input field)

  • Change Amount of Rooms

  • Change Board Passcode

  • Edit Mode Passcode

  • And More!

Create an Account

You can create a new account here, or wait for the links at the end of this presentation. The username you use to create an account here will be the username for the admin and staff accounts. The password you use here will be only for the admin account, and later on you can set a Staff access password.

After you create an account, you will have access to your hospitals dashboard. Here you can configure many of the boards settings, including the hospital name, room count, staff password, edit mode password, wipe patient data, etc.

It is recommended that you set the staff password different than the admin password.

How to Use the Board

After setting up your hospitals account in the dashboard, your staff members can use the set staff username and password to gain access to the board on the login page. They will automatically be taken to the view mode of the board, and will not be able to edit any patient data.

If you have set an edit mode password, you will need it when trying to access edit mode via the "Go To Edit Mode" button. Edit mode will give access to change any patients data by clicking on the patients row. Edit mode also gives access to the "Clear Patient" button, and this will permanently clear the patients data.

More Information

Each account created for The Discharge Planning Board will have a separate, private file for the data stored in the board. This data will only be able to be accessed with the key assigned to each account that can be found in the dashboard.

If you would like to create a shortcut to your hospitals board, copy the URL of the page you would like the shortcut to direct you to. Make sure to include the "?id=IDHERE" in your URL if it is not included by default.

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